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Getting Started!

Welcome to Troop 298!

Whether you are a first time Boy Scout or continuing your journey in Scouting, we hope you have an exciting time while being a proud member of Troop 298.

To get started, you'll want to:
  1. Fill out the BSA application form, BSA Health form, troop dues, etc.
  2. Get the uniform (see details below)
  3. Get the handbook (see details below and additional details here)
  4. Familiarize yourself with your Troop
  5. Start on the Scout Rank requirements!
Boy Scouting, as a part of the BSA program, is a uniform-wearing organization.  Therefore, it is a BSA requirement that each Boy Scout and Adult Leader who belongs to Troop 298 wears the appropriate, complete uniform for his rank or position.  The Boy Scout uniforms help build pride, loyalty, and self-respect.  Wearing the uniform to all troop meetings, ceremonies and activities also encourages a neat appearance, a sense of belonging, and good behavior.  In addition to creating a sense of pride and belonging, the uniformsexemplify the character, citizenship, and strength each Scout strives to embody.

The Boy Scouts Official uniform includes the Scout shirt, Scout pants or Scout shorts, Scout belt, Scouts socks, and shoes or hiking boots.  When headed outdoors, an approved troop t-shirt can be worn with Scouts pants or shorts (also known as Class B uniform), or wear other clothing that is right for the events of the day.  Uniforms may be purchased at the Bobby Lyle Billy Gamble Scout Shop in Fairview, ordered online at, or at Scoutfitters in the Circle Ten Office in Dallas. They will help you get everything you need and will give you the insignia placement form as a guide.

The wearing of a BSA uniform in Troop 298 is an important aspect of scouting spirit. Our troop takes pride in its formal BSA dress (Class A) as well as field activity (Class B) uniforms.  

BSA Dress Uniform (Class A) - Worn at Troop meetings, Courts of Honor, fundraising and community service events, traveling to/from campouts and when specified

  • Troop neckerchief
  • BSA shirt
  • BSA slacks or shorts
  • BSA socks
  • BSA belt
  • Merit badge sash (Court of honor & specified events)
  • BSA approved hat (optional)
  • Order of the Arrow sash (only for OA members and only during OA events)  

Field Activity Uniform (Class B) - Worn at campouts, special events and when specified 

  • Troop t-shirt (red or green)
  • BSA shorts or slacks
  • BSA approved hat (optional)
  • BSA socks 
There is no need for you to purchase earned insignia, merit or rank badges. Troop dues and fundraising cover most of the advancements, recognition, and awards each Boy Scout earns.

Download and print the Uniform Insignia Placement Guide for patch placement.  Also, visit the official BSA uniform website for an interactive source for uniform essentials.  For more details contact your Patrol Leader or contact us here.

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