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 Troop Fundraising

Troop 298 Annual Holiday Décor Sale

It’s that time of year again . . .
Time to replenish the troop general fund and
also time to build up your build up your individual scout accounts.

The Mickman holiday gift program is one of the best and easiest fundraisers.

There is a choice of six gift items for you to sell.

(4 wreath varieties, 1 centerpiece, 1 living tree)


1.    Sell items to family, friends, teachers, businesses.

2.  Fill out 1 (one) order form for each item sold.

3.   Have the buyer fill out the gift card (bottom right of form)

4.  Collect the money (cash or check made to Troop 298)

5.   Turn in your order forms and money to Mrs. Tamorah Diaz by Diaz by Oct. 21.

Once you turn in your forms and money, you are done—no delivery!

FedEX will deliver items the week of December 1 directly to the recipient.

For the six gift items, we average $10 profit on each sale.

$8 goes directly into YOUR $8 goes directly into YOUR scout account and

the rest goes into the troop general fund.

GOAL: Each scout should sell 5 to 10 items

In addition, you also have the opportunity to sell at the at the

St. Francis Ladies Bazaar / Craft Sale on Saturday, October 26

Service Hour Opportunity also available before and after the event the event

helping with tables, chairs, etc. Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26.

Tamorah Diaz


Fundraising Coordinator

Boy Scout Troop 298—Committee


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